Saturday, December 6, 2008

From Khajuraho with love

Khajuraho in Madhyapradesh, India has a magnificent set of of medieval temples with  beautiful sculptures rivaling  Konarak in Orissa. Though more well known for the erotic sculptures, they consist only about 10% of the  sculptures here and that too more on the outer circles of each temple. Built between 900 and 1100 AD, there are about 25 temples (remaining out of the original 85), they are definitely worth a couple of days of sight seeing. The light and sound show they have each evening is one of the best I have seen in India.

The Khajuraho temples mark the culmination of the central Indian building style that has certain distinctive peculiarities of plan and elevation. They are compact, lofty temples without any enclosure wall and are erected on a high platform terrace which elevates the structure from its environs and provides an open ambulatory around the temple. The temples are grouped into three : Western, Eastern & Southern

Some pictures of the Western Group from my visit earlier this year:

Some pictures of the Eastern group:

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