Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chetan Bhagat - 2 States!

Chetan does it again!

Through his latest book '2 States - story of my marriage', Chetan Bhagat shows the world why he is the best selling English author in India. This one is also bound to be a best seller like the rest of his books.

In this book, Chetan returns back to his student days at IIM-A, where he meets his future wife and the rest of the book is their story till marriage. Chetan from Punjab and Ananya from Chennai as well as their respective families bring to life the conundrum that is India. How, educated and well intentioned people create so many problems because of their traditional beliefs is highlighted clearly by Chetan.

Even if you were fortunate (mis!) not to marry some one from another state or religion, you will appreciate the trauma the characters in this story go through. Chetan's sense of humor flows through out and the striking contrasts between the punjabi and madrasi way of life is brought out well. As Shashi Tharoor says- India is like a thali where different dishes can be brought together to make a great meal!!!!

I recommend this book - you will enjoy it!

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