Sunday, July 3, 2011

My iPad2 - Gary Rosenzweig (Book Review)

Falling in Love

The iPad is such an easy device to use and fall in love with that one might initially find it difficult to believe that a user manual is needed for it. But, as Gary Rosenzweig the author of My iPad2 says, in any relationship - when you fall in love - you get the urge to change and customize it. And that is when a user manual comes to good use.

In reality,the iPad is such a powerful device that a manual is very helpful if you want to take full advantage of its features. And 'My iPad2' is an excellent manual. Beautiful colour layouts, great presentation, useful tips, seamless ordering and an occasional dose of humor makes this a collector's item. Not only are the basic iPad applications like email, camera, video, and browsing explained, but add on applications like Pages, Numbers and Keynote are also covered well. Using this book has already improved my productivity by over 25%. I would recommend it very strongly to anyone who wants to take full advantage of the iPad.

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