Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Whole Genome Matters!

With the publication of over 30 papers last week from the ENODE project, it has become clear that a large part of the human genome plays a role in our cells. In the last few years, many findings were showing that some of the non coding regions (99% of the genome) were involved in regulating the genes (the 1% coding part of the genome) but nobody expected the ENCODE project's claim that 80% of the genome plays some part - whether this ends up being an exaggeration or not, I think we have a paradigm shift in our understanding of the genome.

The San Francisco Chronicle covered the news in its front page

The NY Times also gave it good coverage

For a complete technical coverage check out

Nature has also put a free iPad app in the Apple Store. Check out the video recording - it gives a good overview of the Encode project as well as the results.

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